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RKKR Group is a well-diversified business Group with strategic partnerships and working relationships with some of the best corporate names in USA, UK, Japan.

Alliances and partnerships are core to the Group’s unique business model. The Group’s joint ventures with some of the global leaders in the chosen areas of business have proved fruitful for its world-class operations. Our customers have immensely benefited from leveraging the capabilities of the Group.

The strategic business units of the Group are:

Core Beliefs

The core beliefs around which the operations of the Group are centered are:
- Adaptability -- embracing change
- Commitment to quality in all processes
- Value its human resources and invest in their development


The Groups has a great financial strength and enjoys high credibility amongst leading banks and financial institutions. The Group has strong affiliations with apex bodies, like the Chambers of Commerce and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).